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Tioman is listed as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, best known for its famous scuba diving spots filled with rich marine life, corals, and shipwrecks. Traveling by land and sea, it is only a few hours away from Singapore.

With the borders now open again, join DiveLab for your leisure dives to this amazing island!


FEE: SGD $460.00


- 2 Day 2 Night Accommodation
- 2 Ways Singapore Land Transfer
- 2 Ways Ferry Transfer 
- 5 Guided Dives**
- 2 Lunch and 1 Breakfast 


- Travel Insurance
- Equipment Rental
- Dinner



Frequently Asked Questions

Do your Dive Centre customer carry their own rental equipment across the checkpoint?
No, we have our DiveLab own Dive Centre in Tioman, all customer equipment rental will be issue on the island.

Do your Dive Centre do night crossing across to Tioman?
No, we do not do night crossing to Tioman, crossing at night can be dangerous and disturb sleep. We will check in a night on the mainland for a good night's rest and sleep. The next morning, we use the proper Tioman ferry.

I was told from friends' experience when the tide is low, we need to wait at the jetty till the tide rise, so we can board and transfer to Tioman.

No, whether the tide high or low we will still check in for a night's on the mainland for a good night rest and sleep. We only use the proper Tioman scheduled ferry service.  

I was told from friends', the accommodation in Tioman is Wooden Chalet, the toilet usually does not come with hot shower, is not well maintain and with two queen size bed and shared with four person.
The accommodation we used is modern simple concrete chalet with attached air-con and hot shower. However is usually triple shared with the same gender, if you come with your buddy we will give you a free upgrade to twin share.  

Do your Dive Centre use slow wooden boat packed with 30 to 40 diver's for diving? 
No, we have two 35ft speed boats for diving, each speed boat only carries a maximum of 14 divers


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