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With dive sites like Pulau Hantu, Pulau Jong, and Pulau Semakau, see what our local waters have to offer!

While not all dive centers in Singapore have their own dive boats, at Divelab, we have our very own custom-built 33ft by 8.6ft (10m by 2.6m) dive speed boat - TwentySix.
TwentySix can carry up to 8 divers and 2 crews. She runs on a single 250HP, cruising at 22-26knot which will take only 45-50mins to arrive at Pulau Hantu.
TwentySix is currently berthed in Raffles Marina.
Divelab offers full-day trips with 3 tanks dives which comes with simple lunch in between dives, together with unlimited drinking water throughout the day. Unlike other marinas where non-members are not allowed to use the shower facilities, at Raffles Marina, we are different. So just bring along your towel and toiletries to enjoy a hot shower in the marina facility after a full day of diving. With time to spare, take a walk down our famous Raffles lighthouse and enjoy the best sunset in Singapore.






Pulau Hantu also known as Ghost Island is one of the most popular dive spots in Singapore. It's made up of 2 islands and the visibility is usually about 2-3m on an avg day, but at times it goes up to 5-6m. Diving in Pulau Hantu is divided into two parts; the North of Hantu and the West of Hantu.

In the west, we have the inner reef & western outer. The average depth for both the reefs are between 7-15m. In the north, we usually dive below the Jetty or further to the east.

Which is the best? Every site has its own hidden gems.

*T&C Applies
Pulau Jong, a small island by itself, is known for some deep dives and its rich marine life.
The avg depth ranges from 10m - 60m.

The current can be very strong due to tidal current in the geography and therefore more suitable for experienced divers with 20 or more logged dives.

*T&C Applies



If you are new or feel uncomfortable diving in an environment with limited to low visibility, Divelab offers dive guide services.

The dive guide will provide pre-dive site briefing and while diving, navigates around the reefs and show you some of the most amazing macro gems in our local waters.

The fee of the dive guide can be shared with up to a maximum of 3 divers.

*T&C Applies



BCD/Backplate BCD - $18.00/day
Regulator - $18.00/day
Mask - $5.00/day
Wetsuit - $5.00/day
Fin - $5.00/day
Shearwater Dive computer - $15.00

**Rental of full set equipment, Shearwater Dive computer
not included.
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